Square Canvas Magnets

October 12, 2009

So, these little magnets are kind of what started it all. My favorite art store in Alabama is Alabama Art Supply. A few years ago, I was browsing through and they had these little tiny canvases on sale and I ended up getting some and painting monsters on them. I’ve always been a little bit of a cartoonist and this kind of stuff is what I like to paint most. I painted some for myself, glued some magnets on the back, and stuck them on my fridge. When friends came over, they would compliment them so I kept buying more canvases and painting more monsters…and owls…and other stuff…

This one is my favorite and it’s had the most views on my shop. I love to bake so painting some cute little baked goods seemed obvious. Right now I have some 4 x 4 canvases and some 6 x 6 canvases with cupcake paintings started on them. When I originally started out with the idea to open an etsy shop I was definitely planning on focusing on cupcakes but these smaller canvases were much easier to finish first. Anyhow – a little cupcake love…015

Then, how about a monster with a toothy grin?


I think owls are adorable and I completely admit that they are a bit trendy right now. This is the first of many owl works to come. I’ve got some owl paintings going but I’ve also got some nesting dolls that I plan to paint like owls. I’m particularly excited about those.


Now, I come from a long line of law peoples the closest of which is my lawyer father. My dad is a southern man and has owned himself a few sear-sucker suits in his day – full on Matlock style. His signature look is the bow-tie (some of you will find this funny knowing that one of our profs was a lawyer who favored the bow ties). Anyhow, in one of my days of sketching I came up with a little strawberry with a sophisticated nose and, of course, a stem which looks a little bit like a bow tie. So, this one’s for my dad and all the bow-tie wearing lawyers out there.


Here’s another of my favs. Not a lot of explaination except that I like that he’s a little dingy looking. Plus, he loves you.


This one turned out cuter than I expected. The colors are just as bright in person as in the photo.



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