8 x 8 Paintings that Should be Familiar to My Readers

October 12, 2009

Ok, so if you’ve been following this ever changing blog you probably remember when I did the cooking for losers bit. In all honesty, that took a lot of work with very little payoff. Anyhow, when I was doing that, I liked to do draw a little something in the very sophisticated “paint” application. The following were some of my favorites from that. If our laptop hadn’t been stolen I would post the original paint files but I no longer have them. (I should say that I could copy and paste those from the old blogs but that sounds like a little more work than I want to do right now.)

When I made roasted tomato soup I drew this little guy up. I should say that roasting does indeed bring out a little natural sweetness from the vegetable.


Green Chicken Chili


And New Zealand Sweet Potato Chowder – I love sweet potatos!!



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