Belated loser food

March 13, 2009

So, I completely neglected posting a loser food recipe this week. Sorry about that. I was just going to ignore my own oversight and post next week but this morning I whipped up something so delicious I just had to post it. It isn’t really dinner food, I had it for breakfast, but it could certainly pass for dessert. If you try it and love it maybe it will make up for my neglect.

Before that, how about some updates.

Life is trucking along as usual. Nothing too eventful. Next week is Spring Break and I can’t believe my last semester at Southeastern is almost over. It’s just crazy to me. I’m hoping to spend the next week catching up on some things and getting ahead on some others.

Still no job for me. It gets me pretty down sometimes – I feel guilty more than anything. Thankfully, it’s not James that makes me feel guilty; he is so understanding and supportive. Susan, you did a great job with him! Anyhow, will all of this free time I’ve been able to spend some good quality time with friends which is a great thing since we’ll be parting ways in a few months. Also, this free time has given me a chance to try out some new things – particularly artistic things. That’s been great and I’m hoping to turn it into a way to make a little money.

Another fun thing I’ve started doing is walking Taryn and Herbert’s dog, Katie. I’ve only been doing it for about a week and she had never been to a park or been around other dogs or really been around many people so she’s been pretty rambunctious. She is learning though so I feel confident that she’ll eventually become a dog I can run with – that’s the goal anyway.

Ok, that’s all for now. On to the recipe. I used to be really into smoothies, especially ones with bananas and protein powder in them. However, once I started counting my calories I realized that those smoothies were a pretty caloric way to start the day. I switched over to some granola and milk or yogurt and peanut butter – or some other combination of the three. I’m ready for a bit of a change, at least on some mornings and I realized that I’m a little low on my fruit and protein intake so I thought I would try the smoothies again. I bought some frozen fruit yesterday and tried to whip up a lower calorie concoction this morning. What I ended up with was something more akin to strawberry ice cream than a smoothie and it was oh so delicious! Not only was it tasty but it’s only about 160 calories, packed with fruit, and has a nice dose of protein with 17 grams! Here’s the recipe:

1/2 cup skim milk

1/2 scoop protein powder

70 grams frozen strawberries (or a half a cup if you don’t have a food scale)

70 grams frozen peaces

Blend it up until nice and frothy! I set my blender on liquefy, did my make-up, and when I came back I had a nice foamy frozen deliciousness. It’s a nice big serving and it was really really filling. I nice, frosty, refreshing way to start the day or a tasty follow up for dinner. Hope you like it!


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