I Contribute to Society

March 1, 2009

Ok, well maybe I don’t contribute to society but I do contribute to a new blog. Here’s a description of what it is from the blog itself:

“Well, I’m here to answer that as best I can for the first post of Friendly Fire. The guys who will be regular writers here are all followers of Jesus, and wanted to start a sort of conversational community here for the purpose of asking what following Jesus means now, in our time and place. We’re not here to preach or merely criticize, but to ask real questions and hit on important issues that we think have, in many ways, been swept under a rug, poorly thought through, or even ignored totally. We want this to be a place where everyone with pure motives is welcome, and no topic is too basic, too ‘normal’, or too sacred to explore for the purpose of being truer disciples of Christ. So, to that end, welcome to Friendly Fire, and to the conversation.”

So, they’ve decided to invite a woman into the conversation. The other contributors are Michael Glawson, Ryan Junkin, and Chuck Hooten. If that all sounds interesting to you, hop on over and check it out at thefriendlyfire.wordpress.com


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