Cooking for Losers – Tofu Tacos

February 10, 2009

Tofu again, I hope there aren’t too many of y’all out there that hate it. I love tofu for three important reasons: 1. Tofu is a flavor sponge – it morphs to happily join any type of cuisine. 2. Tofu is a good source of protein. 3. Tofu is CHEAP compared to the cost of meat. So, all I am saying is, “Give tofu a chance.”tofu1Did you know that I am an expert at Paint? Here’s the proof. You try drawing Todd the Tofu.

So, without further ado – tofu tacos. This recipe is “as few dishes as possible” friendly. You can measure out the tablespoons and teaspoons and all that jazz but you don’t need to. You’re making a marinade.

This recipe is based on that recipe.

Ingrediamentes –

1 package of firm tofu

3 big squirts of lime juice – about three tablespoons – from one of those little lime bottles which can be found by the real limes. If you’re feelin snazzy grab some real limes. I was feeling lazy, not snazzy at all.

2 swirls of olive oil (when I say swirls I mean that you should hold the bottle upside down over whatever pan you’re going to marinate the tofu in and tracing a big circle in the pan) – about two tablespoons.

2 swirls soy sauce – this is the one ingredient that there really can be too much so don’t go crazy.

4 shakes of garlic powder. You can use three cloves of minced garlic but this will dirty things and the bits of garlic may burn upon grilling/sauteing.

3 shakes of oregano

1 big pinch of minced chipotle in adobo sauce. Now, I cheat on this one. Chipotle is an amazing ingredient but it usually only comes in cans and I never use up the whole thing in one recipe (that would be suicide) and I always forget that it’s in my fridge and then it goes bad and then I’ve wasted a few bucks. This is no good. So, as a replacement I use Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Magic Sauce & Marinade – Southwest Chipotle. I know, cheesy name. Nonetheless, it is a perfect replacement. If you use this, add a splash to the pan – more if you like it spicy.

1 large yellow onion

1 green bell pepper

2 more swirls of olive oil – not to be added to the marinade.

1 big pinch of sugar

8  6-inch Corn Tortillas

1. In a shallow dish – I used an 8 x 8 baking dish – mix the lime, olive oil, soy sauce, garlic powder, oregano, and chipotle. Cut your tofu in half and then cut the two halves in half longways. You should have four thin rectangles. Place those in the marinade up to 24 hours and no less than 2 hours before you want to eat it and refrigerate. Flip them over about halfway through marinating time.

2. Heat your indoor grill to medium. If you don’t have one, heat a small pan over medium heat. Heat the second two swirls of olive oil in a large skillet. Slice the onion in half longways and cut each half into at least six long wedges. Remove the seeds and ribs from the bell pepper and cut the pepper into long strips. Add them to the hot pan and add a big pinch of salt. Let those saute a couple of minutes before moving on.

3. Dump the marinade minus the tofu into the pan with the onions and peppers. Stir in a big pinch of sugar and allow the mix to simmer.

4. Dip a paper towel in oil and wipe your grill or small pan down with it. Add the tofu. Cook until both sides are brown. The tofu will stay soft in the middle so be careful when you handle it so it won’t fall apart. Set those aside on a plate to cool.

5. Warm your tortillas one by one in the pan you used to cook the tofu. I find that about two tortillas per person is a good amount.

6. Keep sauteing and simmering those peppers and onions until they are soft. They should be soft by now but just in case.

7. To assemble – Cut each piece of tofu in half longways placing one small half in each tortilla you plan to use. Give each taco a big pile of peppers and onions. Enjoy the deliciosity.

I know, I’m so lazy, no calorie count and no picture of the finished product. I’m telling you, these are super delicious. Ok, alright, I’ll figure it out – it shouldn’t take too long

ok, one taco is about 150 calories so enjoy 2 for 300 :).


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