The Verdict – Kickin’ Chicken Soup

January 21, 2009

So, I really liked it. I had to modify a couple of things – WalMart was OUT of spinach so I used the frozen stuff. Still good. Also, I had to use egg noodles, I kept them out of the soup because we definitely had leftovers and I didn’t want them getting all soggy. If I make it again I will add carrots, this just has to be in there with the ginger. I’m going to go back and edit it. Also, the soup made way more than the original recipe claimed. This was great because I got to eat more than I expected and still stayed in the low-calorie range. Here’s how mine turned out. I’ll work on my food photo skills, I promise. I like how the zebras look like their eating


One Response to “The Verdict – Kickin’ Chicken Soup”

  1. Ryan said

    That looks really good. I just got a couple cookbooks for Christmas/birthday, “What to drink with what you eat” and “The flavor bible.” So now I can pair foods and drinks with my recipes!

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