My second race ever! A 10k!

November 2, 2008

First of all – vote for Kristen again:

OK, now to the bloggage. Can I just say, this racing business is addicting. I mean, it’s hard but it feels so good to across that finish line and to do something I never though I could do. The runners are really nice and who doesn’t like being cheered for by complete strangers!

The 10k was pretty tough. The last two miles were hard because my left knee and left ankle started hurting pretty bad. I think it’s because I pushed a little too hard on the hill. It still hurts a little today. Mostly I’m bummed because I think I could have had a better time if it hadn’t been hurting so badly. Still, James and I finished in under an hour – 56:17 – so that’s pretty good. Almost exactly double of my 5k time from a month ago. I think our time might have even been less than that but their was a glitch in their timing system so that’s our “gun time” rather than the start to finish time. They put the race results in the paper today and I was the 196th woman to cross the finish line. That’s not bad considering there were over 2000 runners! I’m looking forward to seeing how I did for my age class.  Anyhow – we did it! It was so much fun. Afterwards we enjoyed the free beer, bagels, bananas and pizza in the auditorium. Probably the most fun part of it all is that we had friends that ran too and since a few of them finished before us we had a nice little cheering section as we crossed the finish.

Here are some pictures from the race:

Here’s Andrea crossing the finish before all of us!

She beat her time from last year in spite of being sick all week!

It’s blurry because she’s just that fast.

Here’s Peggy crossing about two minutes before us!

Here come James and I. James still had it in him to raise his hands in the air.

I was just trying not to cry – my knee was hurting so bad! I’m smiling though – I mean who wouldn’t smile when they’ve got people cheering for them!

Oh, we’re so cute, I know.

Here comes Ryan!

And Mallorie!

We’re runners. We ran.

So…half-marathon anyone?


3 Responses to “My second race ever! A 10k!”

  1. Magen said

    that’s awesome!! congrats to you all 🙂

  2. Taren said

    Well… I walked around the whole Summit the other day. It hurt. So I think my running days are oh…. very far from now. Like maybe never? It looks like you guys had fun though and I hope your leg feels better soon. 🙂

  3. Mom H. said

    I’m so proud of you both and yes you make a VERY cute couple!

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