Your favorite magazine…

October 13, 2008

Hi friends! The other day I was at a store that had some magazines that I liked but I wouldn’t fork over the cash to get one for two reasons. 1) They’re kind of expensive 2) They usually have more stuff that I’m not interested in than I am interested in. This led me to my question: If you could make a magazine that only had articles that you were interested in what would it have in it? Here are some of the sections/articles mine would regularly include:

– great deals on cute clothes

– easy crafts and projects that actually look cute

– beauty product reviews by experts

– delicious recipes that include the nutritional data

– video game reviews and walkthroughs for wii and ds games

– logic puzzles

– coupons for stuff that I can usually never afford

– running tips and training guides

– funny pictures of animals

– funny pictures of people in horrible outfits like on glamour’s black bar page

– cheap yet delicious restaurants

– personality quizzes

– more great deals on cute clothes – by the way, these clothes would be from stores that are actually in my city – not some place in New York that I can never go to

– fun home decorating tips

– girly how-to’s like giving yourself the perfect manicure

– all things The Office

– interviews with other people that love school

– interviews with full-time therapists

– interviews with chefs

– painting tips and listings of art shows

– more recipes

– maybe one page of politics from an actually unbiased reporter (which I don’t really believe exists)

It would be called mishmash (fyi – I totally used to think I invented that word) and the cover picture would always be a normal looking girl wearing a normal looking outfit but she would still be cute.

I would buy that magazine.

So – my friends in the blogging world – what magazine would you buy?


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