Five years to 5k

October 4, 2008

Here’s some pictures from today’s 5k – my first one ever! It was so much fun! It was a big day for me, this run has been five years in the making. I still can’t believe that I can run one mile let alone three. I can’t believe that I’m even thinking about training for the 10k in 4 weeks – but I am. Five years ago – and pretty much every year before that I was a very different girl. I had an unhealthy relationship with food and myself. I still struggle, sometimes I’m still not happy with my weight or the way I look but right now I’m choosing to celebrate my accomplishment.  I want to say more about how things have changed for me and what this process has been like but I need to think about it. I’ll try to write about it this week. For now, pictures will say enough. Most of these are from the race today but the first two are from five years ago and four years ago respectively.  So – without further ado – I admit, I’ve been stalling – the pictures (by the way, for the old pictures you may need to click on them to get the full effect. I couldn’t get them to be any bigger but the smaller versions don’t show the transformation as well.):

James and I shortly after we got engaged.

This is from the summer after we got married when we lead a missions team in Mexico together. Please note that James is covering a part of me. I really don’t have a single picture that shows my whole body. There is a reason for that.

And today:

Here’s Peggy and I getting ready to start – I was so nervous.

Look – I’m running! I’m actually running! Hooray!

Finally at the finish – I ran faster than I normally do – probably because I was so excited – but it just felt so good! I didn’t walk a single step! Yay!

James was trying to get a post-race photo but I was just trying to catch my breath.

We did it! I was so glad to have friends there with me – Peggy and Andrea were so encouraging!

So there it is. Some before and afters. I do think I’ll write some more later about me and my weight but maybe I won’t. For the moment I do want to say that big Jessica up there had a lot of things to be happy about. Even though I wasn’t happy with my body I was happy in a lot of other ways. Being healthy today doesn’t make me happy – it just adds to my happiness.


2 Responses to “Five years to 5k”

  1. Magen said

    Whooo!! Girl i am so proud of you…you look GREAT!!!!

  2. peggy said

    wow jessica! you’re so awesome!
    and im so glad i was apart of your first 5k!!!
    way to go girl!
    vulcan here we come!!!!!

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