40% off Banana Republic

September 12, 2008

Hello my friends! So, at work they gave us a bunch of these “Friends and Family” discount cards for 40% off your entire purchase of regularly priced merchandise. I’ve been giving them out left and right but I realized that I haven’t seen a few of y’all. So…if you want 40% off this weekend here is what you’ve got to do. Come see me at my store today (friday) from 12-9 and I’ll give you a coupon you can use Saturday or Sunday. I know, I know, it’s kind of a hassle but I wanted to give you a chance. I can even give you a few if you know some other people who might want one. It can be used at any of the BR stores but if you bring it in to my store to use it, I’ll get a little something out of it. Perhaps you’ve been needing some hot new digs or maybe this can be the way you get your hubs to get some new clothes. Perhaps you just want to pay me a visit. We can have a fit session and you can try on a bunch of clothes and that’s always fun. Even if you don’t usually have fun trying on clothes I bet you I can make it fun.

Ok, that’s all I guess. Maybe I’ll see you today!


One Response to “40% off Banana Republic”

  1. peggy said

    yay for 40% off!!!! i totally went yesterday (sorry i didn’t have time to come to the one at the galleria 😦 had to work…) and got a super cute ring! i really wanted some jeans.. but couldn’t find any that fit me. i’m really short. and they were really long. boo.
    thanks for the sweet deal!
    = )

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