an excellent day

September 10, 2008

I am having an excellent day today and I just thought I would tell you about it.

This morning I drove James to work – we’re down one car why my stuped bug is in the shop. The car being in the shop was stressful until we found out that it wouldn’t cost too much. Really, it’s just an inconvenience while we wait to get it back. Anyhow, I drove James to work and was dressed for a run over at the Veteran’s Park in front of Spain Park High School. I decided that since I was already down on Lakeshore that I would try out that path in front of Samford that I had often seen people running on. It turned out to be so nice! The path is really pretty and a good distance – 5 miles out and back – plus the weather was really nice and most of the run was in the shade. I was able to run farther than usual and that is always a good way to start my day.

I headed home for a shower and started cleaning. I cleaned for about a half an hour and got a lot accomplished. While I greatly dislike cleaning I heart it when it’s clean.

I didn’t have class or work today but needed to get some homework done so I was toying with the idea of going to Whole Foods to study before I had to pick James up from work. One problem – no money. While I’m sure they would let me sit there for free that’s just no fun. So, I started going through my big cup o’change to see if I could scrape together enough money for a little lunch. I picked out all of the quarters, dimes, and nickles and – would you believe it – my one coffee mug had $13 in it! I was still left with a bunch of pennies so I took those over to the coinstar machine at Bruno’s. Another $5.91! $18.91 is a pretty good haul for just one big cup o’ change! I had more than enough for lunch so I stopped at Target to do a little shopping. I didn’t find anything but still, shopping with a little money in my pockets – however heavy it is – is always fun.

So, now I’m at Whole Foods. I had a yummy salad and then just ate one of the tastiest creations – an espresso chocolate chip cookie! So good. I’m sort of working, sort of people watching. Now it’s pouring down rain outside – my favorite weather! Good day, good times. Hopefully doing homework won’t ruin it!


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