Miscellaneous Updates

August 27, 2008

It’s been quite a little week. Ever since last Monday rolled around, the days have flown by. This would explain my lack of blog updatage. Here are some random jottings.

First of all, it’s been interesting to hear the responses to my last post about why James and I don’t go to church. Some people are understandably concerned, others have shared their common frustrations and I really appreciate both kinds of responses as well as everything in between. I’m not sure how to respond to things said except that I see where you are coming from. Let me just say, if you have any questions then pass them along. I’m happy to answer them. Also, James and I are looking to start up a small group for our fellow friends that haven’t found a church but are looking for fellowship. Let me know if you’re interested.

Depending on where you live, you may or may not have heard about the 5 men that were found brutally murdered in a Birmingham apartment complex. Well, James and I live in said apartment complex. On Wednesday night James and I finished dinner and went on a walk up to The Wright Dairy (extremely tasty – get the kids size for a perfect serving at a fraction of the cost) and as we were walking out we saw some police tape going up near the gym. Cops aren’t uncommon where we live but the tape was a little unnerving. We just kind of shrugged and kept walking. We got up to the ice cream shop (I got apple pie ice cream, James got a cheesecake bar – both delish!) and we headed back home. As we round the corner and see our apartment complex we see a large number of police cars with their lights a’flashin. As we get closer we also see an ABC news van – not a good sign. We came to find out that they weren’t letting anyone in the apartment complex without ID proving that they lived there. James and I had just gone out for ice cream – we didn’t bring out wallets. We were stuck sitting on the curb without knowing what happened. An officer approached us and we explained that we had no way to prove our identity. There were a couple other groups of people that had headed out for their nightly stroll and were also stuck. The nicest policeman that I have ever met had compassion on us and drove all of us stranded folks to our apartments where we could show him our ID. I got to ride in the back of a cop car. Not my first time – what can I say? That’s another story for another day.

Anyway, we get inside and look online and find out that 5 people have been found dead. I was pretty freaked and was considering calling a friend and staying somewhere else for the night but we held our ground. Over the past few days more details have come out and they arrested four men on Monday. Yesterday they released a motive – organized crime and unpaid drug bills. That’s actually more comforting – it wasn’t random. Still, I’ve found a new place to go running.

Speaking of running – this may not be all that impressive to my athletic friends but I have recently weaned myself off of the treadmill and yesterday I ran a little over four miles! Trust me, this is amazing. In the spring 4 miles was the farthest I had ever run on a treadmill – for me to do it outside is a big accomplishment for me. I just have a much harder time mentally when I’m outside – I’m more prone to stopping for rests. I felt pretty excited about it. Braggin’ on myself. Sorry.

I had a couple of job interviews last week – I was offered a job at one of the locations but in the end I decided to stay with Banana. A part of the problem at Banana was that the only other sales person was requesting all weekends off. That does not work for me. It’s just so hard for James and I when I have to work every weekend. Well, the other sales person agreed to working all weekend every other weekend. This turns out great for me – now I only have to work every other Friday and Saturday. So, I get to have most of my nights and weekends off, I keep my discount, I keep the rewards program, and I get to keep working with awesome people like Marie. Hooray!

What else? Oh, I did have this past weekend totally off – it was awesome. James and I relaxed quite a bit but we did go for a couple of runs. Anyhow, James and I are diner fiends. If you don’t know what a diner is then I feel sad for you. There is actually a lack of them here in Alabama but we found an awesome one on Saturday morning – Salem’s Diner. While this diner is missing one of my favorite classic diner features – open 24 hours – it did have a chef that knew everyone that came in the door, serve your own coffee, inexpensive and delicious foods (cheese grits!), and just that down home kind of feel. I don’t know how to explain a diner but when you find a good one, you don’t want to let it go. We’ll be headed back there soon.

Oh, I almost forgot – classes started up. I feel weird about it. I’m sure once I’m a few weeks into the semester that I’ll get into the groove but I feel weird right now. I’m ready for my books to get in – I need to start reading!

Alright, that’s all for now. I’ll try to think of something awesome to write about soon!


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