i know, i know

July 30, 2008

Again, sorry it’s been a while. Last week James and I were house-sitting for one of my professors and we were trying to take advantage of our “vacation” at thier house so I wasn’t online very much at all. This week our internet is down at our apartment complex while they switch services so I have to go to the library and Panera Bread to get online. I’m taking an online class and am in another class that requires some online work so when I do have the internet, I’m working. All that to say, I don’t have much time to blog. So – here are some upcoming topics that I can hopefully write about next Wednesday when my classes are over and the internet is back on!

– a new restaurant we tried

– new cookbooks that I’ve fallen in love with

– a wonderful weekend with friends

– a new painting I’m working on

– thoughts on upcoming senior year at southeastern

– something that James and I are praying for that I hope you will join us in – I’ll probably write about this one first

So – sorry again. I promise to write soon. It’s just been such a busy summer!


One Response to “i know, i know”

  1. Tommy said

    Also of course you can always type them up ahead of time and then post them later when you have access.

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