conquering the world one messy room at a time

July 16, 2008

I am in the middle of a humongous accomplishment. I’m feeling elated. Light hearted. Glad, even. My stresses have melted away. I’m slightly sweaty, a little dirty, and I might just smell. Yet, I feel fabulous. I’m in the midst of a cleaning day. I wasn’t planning on cleaning like this today. I tried to do a big clean last Friday but that didn’t happen – that was one of the worst days ever – long story short, cleaning didn’t happen that day. I’ve been needing to do a kind of spring cleaning. James and I live in a two bedroom apartment and are often needing to pare down our stuff. Every few months I get the urge and get rid of a ton of books and memorabilia that we don’t need. I really wanted to get it done last Friday because I knew I would have today off of both school and work – this RARELY happens. I wanted to just enjoy today and relax and paint. Well, I just couldn’t ignore the need to clean and ya know what? I think that I’m feeling just as relaxed as I would right now if I had just spent the day all laid back. I just feel so good. I’ve gotten rid of a lot of books that I don’t care about and even have taken a few breaks to look through yearbooks or pictures I’ve found. Also, all this cleaning got my inspirational juices flowing. Even with all this cleaning, I’ve started a new painting. I’ve gotten in pretty deep though. Right now it’s messier than it was when I started – everything is out and sorted into piles. I’m confident that I can get it done though. I’m amped. I am kind of bummed that I won’t have time for the gym today but I looked online and it looks like mega-cleaning burns plenty of calories. I’ll just have to fit me 3 more days of running for the week in Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. OK, I think that’s all for now. What a fun day!


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