March 31, 2008

Well, I’m doing terrible at updating my blog! So sorry! Life is a little crazy right now and I’ve got a couple big due dates coming up soon in my classes so I’ve been working pretty hard this past week trying to catch up.

In other news, James and I have been making some decisions about our future that I’m excited to tell you all about but I want to wait a bit. (No, no babies so just slow your roll.)

Until then, and until I have some time to write something meaningful I have a few little food tips: is a great little resource for my fit friends. I’ve been using it to keep track of what I eat for about three months now and have lost almost 10 pounds!

On that same note, have you tried applesauce lately? The “no sugar added” type is super cheap if you buy the off brand, only 50 calories per half cup and really refreshingly cold. Yum!

I know a lot of y’all that read this are on tight budgets but also like to cook. One of the most expensive things you can buy in a store is a spice – I was looking at Publix the other day for some cumin (one of the most delicious spices ever and so easy to add to any dish!) and there was one of those tiny half jar things for $3.50! What a rip! I had stopped there to pick up a few things for dinner and we were out of cumin so I thought I would take the risk but it just wasn’t worth it. I had to make an extra stop at my favorite cheap-o spice location – Fresh Market. I know, you’re shocked right? Fresh Market is quite the pricey little place but their spices are super low priced. The reason is that they sell them in these little plastic baggies so you’re not charged for packaging. They sell separate glass jars but I never get them because I love the baggies so much. They’re clearly labeled and you can fit any sized measuring spoon in them. (I really hate trying to shake spices into a measuring cup with the risk of wasting some) Anyhow, I got twice the amount of cumin for 1.50! After I made the purchase I thought, I should really tell my friends about this! The other great thing about Fresh Market is that they have a lot of unusual spices that you won’t even find at your regular grocer and those are low priced too. I’m looking forward to taking a trip over there when I’ve got some time to peruse the spices to try something new. While you’re there, fix yourself a free cup of joe!

Alright, that’s all for now I suppose. Buenos!


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  1. Hey Jessica,
    Good advice on the spices. I’ll have to remember you can get them cheaper b/c of the packaging.
    YES we’re coming to B’ham!!! We’ll for sure let you know about more details on when we come. We’d love to get to see you and James!!

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