February 22, 2008

I’m trying to update more frequently these days but I think that sometimes that means that I sometimes won’t have much to say. Such as today. But, I recently made a discovery that I would like to share with you. They’re called humzingers and they are muy delicioso. I’ve always loved those all natural fruit roll-up things. You know, the ones that are just dried fruit and nothing else. But they are usually pretty expensive. Then, along come humzingers. They’re made by sunsweet and they’re little logs of dried fruit and they’re like $2.50 for eight of them. You can get them at brunos by the raisins. There are two added bonuses – they’re only 40 calories a piece and they look like tiny lumpy turds. Yum! So, to my loyal readers, many of whom love their healthy, tasty, foods, go get some fruity turds and enjoy! (Yes, they are in that crazy picture up there, to the right of the yogurt and right under the strawberries.)


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