Ode to James

February 13, 2008

He’s my special man concentrate,

Clad with scruffy beard,

Every time I picture him,

I seem to want him near.

He’s never very angry,

No matter what you hear,

Nice is not a dirty word,

To my man with scruffy beard.

A man who’s oh so talented,

At building and video games,

He’s made a lovely table,

He’ll put your Mario skills to shame.

And what of helping in the home?

I’m certain no man can compete.

Spotless kitchen and kitty litter,

I think my life’s complete.

What else could I say of my man James?

Poetry is not my skill,

But forty-six more years with my love,

That is certainly my will.


One Response to “Ode to James”

  1. deena said

    beautiful. just beautiful.

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