February 22, 2008

I’m trying to update more frequently these days but I think that sometimes that means that I sometimes won’t have much to say. Such as today. But, I recently made a discovery that I would like to share with you. They’re called humzingers and they are muy delicioso. I’ve always loved those all natural fruit roll-up things. You know, the ones that are just dried fruit and nothing else. But they are usually pretty expensive. Then, along come humzingers. They’re made by sunsweet and they’re little logs of dried fruit and they’re like $2.50 for eight of them. You can get them at brunos by the raisins. There are two added bonuses – they’re only 40 calories a piece and they look like tiny lumpy turds. Yum! So, to my loyal readers, many of whom love their healthy, tasty, foods, go get some fruity turds and enjoy! (Yes, they are in that crazy picture up there, to the right of the yogurt and right under the strawberries.)



February 18, 2008

A few years ago, the fall after James and I got married, I got sick. I had mono for six months. I spent most of my time in bed or in an armchair at Barnes and Noble where I read books without buying them. (Incidentally, I got lice from one of those comfy BN chairs but that’s another story.) I was so sick I had to drop out of Samford and I couldn’t work. I just laid around all the time. I spent all my time resting. I was bored and depressed. Here’s the funny part. I had spent the two years before that living in Philadelphia doing ministry full time. While the second year was more office type ministry it was draining nonetheless. I was exhausted. Just before I got sick James and I spent six weeks in Mexico leading a team of seven girls on work crew. Again, I was exhausted. I spent so much time praying that God would give me rest. Then I got mono.

Today I was sent home for the second day in a row for being too sick to work. Since Thursday, if I haven’t been in class or at Banana, I’ve been in bed. It looks like I’ll be in bed for the next couple of days also. Are you ready for this? I’ve been praying for rest like crazy. These past few weeks have been pretty stressful and I’ve been having a lot of trouble sleeping.  Then I got sick. I’ve slept so much these past few days. So, I prayed for rest and then I got sick. Hmm.

Make what you will of all this but for now I think I’ve learned a few things. I don’t know how to pace myself. Sickness is the only thing that will get me to slow down. God knows me really well. So, I’ve canceled a couple things for the next few days and I’m going to rest, really rest. The only thing on my agenda is for me to figure out how to pace myself on my assignments. I’d like for the next time I take a little rest to not involve sneezing and coughing an a fever. That’d be sweet.

Ode to James

February 13, 2008

He’s my special man concentrate,

Clad with scruffy beard,

Every time I picture him,

I seem to want him near.

He’s never very angry,

No matter what you hear,

Nice is not a dirty word,

To my man with scruffy beard.

A man who’s oh so talented,

At building and video games,

He’s made a lovely table,

He’ll put your Mario skills to shame.

And what of helping in the home?

I’m certain no man can compete.

Spotless kitchen and kitty litter,

I think my life’s complete.

What else could I say of my man James?

Poetry is not my skill,

But forty-six more years with my love,

That is certainly my will.

Coming soon…

February 7, 2008

Well, I don’t know exactly what will be coming soon but I’m cooking up some blog jambalaya in my head so you be prepared to feast. In the mean time, please watch this and laugh:

You know you want one.