November 6, 2007

Well, I haven’t written anything in a bit so I suppose I should. I like writing on here but don’t always have anything original or interesting to say.

Tomorrow is my third therapy session. It’s been really great so far. I don’t want to divulge a ton of what we talked about but let me just say it’s really wonderful. It’s nice to be able to talk about things that are on my mind and perhaps even causing me pain and not worry if I’m talking about myself too much or if the person I’m speaking with is even listening. (Well, she might not be listening but she is getting paid to do it and her feedback shows me she is.) Anyhow, I’m learning a lot about the client-therapist relationship. It’s so vulnerable. Not only am I sharing things about myself but she also can say whatever she wants about it. If she wanted too she could tell me I’m a really terrible person and should get over myself and I would probably believe her. Therapists have a lot of power. If you have any questions about therapy, let me know.

Next week is the Evangelical Theological Society’s conference. Better known as ETS. Have I told you that I’m going? It’s in San Diego. I’ll be gone from Tuesday to Saturday. No, James isn’t going. Just me and twenty of my closest friends from Southeastern. I’m nervous about it for a lot of reasons. Here they are.

1. I’m afraid of flying. I wasn’t always afraid of flying but have become afraid in the past few years. Scary.

2. I do know a lot of people going but it’s still a little weird to travel with them instead of James. When you travel with people they learn somewhat personal things about you like how long you take to get ready, how much sleep you like to get, what you’re like when you don’t get enough sleep, what you look like when you sleep, how much you pack and how moody you are.

3. ETS is a somewhat smarty-pants kind of thing. It’s a lot of college professors, researchers, and scholars getting together and talking about scholarly thing. I understand that I’m not going to understand everything but I’m worried I won’t understand anything. Sometimes I think that I’m not actually smart but I just know what professors are looking for. I’m just afraid it’s going to be three straight days of feeling stupid. No one likes to feel stupid.

I’m also really excited. There are so many sessions that really interest me. I’m excited to hear Millard J. Erickson talk about the trinity and hear people discuss Paul’s beliefs about Justification. There are lots of others but I don’t want to bore you…at least, not until I’ve already been to the sessions. Then I’ll bore you.

Anyhow, if you think of me next week pray that we’re safe as we travel and that I learn a lot. That’s what I’m hoping for. Thanks.


3 Responses to “Hmm…”

  1. Deena said

    hey, so i don’t really know of any way to get in touch with you other than this…so i would really like to get coffee one day or something…my email address is send me your number or something and we can get together!!!


  2. I have a question about therapy… I’m going to look into it on Monday. Did you feel comfotable right away with this person? I have a hard time opening up to people I don’t really know… and I worry it may take time to find someone that works for me. My insurance only allows 6 visits in a 6mo period and I’d hate to burn through half of them trying to find someone that works. Any advice?

    Hope school is going well for you!

  3. jess said

    I didn’t feel immediately comfortable but the second session was pretty good. My counselor and I had fairly good chemistry so I would say that I was comfortable pretty quick. While I would encourage you to be as open as possible, remember that this is just a person and they may not be right about you. If he/she says something that doesn’t ring true, correct them.

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