Let the Games Begin!

August 22, 2007

Tomorrow I start my fifth semester about Southeastern Bible College and I am ecstatic. Ok, well, I was ecstatic. I have a cold so that puts a bit of a haze over everything. Still, I’m pretty excited. I’m only taking 15 hours which is strange but it’s all we can afford right now. This semester is very different from the last. Last semester was much heavier on the Bible classes and this semester is heavier on the counseling classes. I’m sad about it, I love my Bible classes so much and sometimes worry that I’ve chosen the wrong program. The thing is, I was so sure of counseling when I started. For now, I’m going to finish my degree in counseling no matter what. I still wonder what I should pursue at a graduate level. I’m hoping that these counseling classes will help sway me one way or another so that I can feel more certain.

On another note, new classes means more interesting postings since there will be more bumping around in my brain than Edgar’s, working out, leisure reading, and the like. Hopefully my brain will start working again, it’s been on hiatus. I’m also going to start going to therapy. It’s required of all counseling students. (By the way, how crazy is this? To do my practicum I have to pay $330 to the school in addition to the cost of the actual therapy…$50+ per session and I have to do six sessions. That’s madness.) So, if I’m feeling brave, I let you know how that’s going.

Ok, finally, I just have to pass this along. This is probably the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I was going to try to be all cool and post it directly here but I couldn’t get it to work. So, THIS is a video making fun of David Blaine and it is hilarious. This is the clean version which I think is funnier because the phrase “What the F” is just funny. Also, the guy says “Big Whoop” and that is great. I’m going to try to integrate that into my vocabulary.


I love…

August 7, 2007

I haven’t had any good ideas lately for things to write about…sorry…so here is a list of things that I love in no particular order:

Dresses – I am all girl when it comes to this and nothing makes me feel prettier than wearing a dress. In fact, I’m wearing one right now. If you find a place where I can get some cheap dresses then I might love you forever. (This does not include francescas collections, this is already my favorite cheap dress shop.)

Shopping – I admit it, I love shopping SO MUCH. I especially love finding a good deal. Ah, what a rush! 

Animals – I like all things cute, cuddly, and furry. Even if it isn’t those things I usually like anything with a face. The zoo is one of my favorite places to be. While I love animals, I only sometimes love my cat but that is because she is a buttface.

Good Conversations – Ok, this is a lame one but it’s true. I like talking to people about things that are real and that matter. I don’t mean like politics or religion. I mean talking about life and what it’s like to live it. I like talking about real things, even if they’re silly real things (if that makes any sense.) This is probably why I’m not very good at meeting new people or comfortable in social situations, I don’t like small talk that much.

Painting – While I am no professional artist, nothing fills me up like spending some time being creative. I just love it and sometimes even wish I had gone to art school instead.

School – While I sometimes wish for art school, I love southeastern. I like working hard on a paper and putting extra effort into a project. Working hard and doing well in school are things that I enjoy. I am a nerd.

Watching TV/Movies – I like getting under the covers and watching something alone or with my husband. Right now we’re finishing up the last season of the OC. That’s right, I said the OC. We both love that show and have spent the whole summer watching all four seasons for the first time. So sad that they took it off the air.

Reading – I’ve always liked reading but for now I really like cheesy, don’t have to think, make you laugh kind of books. I do enough serious reading for my classes.

Exercizing – Ha, ha, just kidding. I hate exercizing. I do like the way it makes me feel though.

Laying out – I know, so girly of me. I just like that I can read my cheesy book and get a tan at the same time. I also like swimming when I get too hot from laying out.

James – I know, predictable right? But the thing is, I really love him. He and I are a perfect match for one another and when I really think about it, it just amazes me.

The Lord – Another one you expected but it’s true. I love different things about God at different times. Right now I most love that he is a patient God who is willing to let me struggle and think and wonder about him. I like that he doesn’t mind that I’m confused about things and is letting me take my time in figuring them out.

Ok, not an exhaustive list and probably not the most interesting blog in the world but there it is. Be on the lookout for some new paintings that I will post later today.