I got a job and other thoughts.

June 27, 2007

I’ve started this blog a couple of times now. It kept coming out too dry and just a bunch of information. Here’s the short of it. I got a job. So far, I love it. I’m working at Edgar’s Bakery about twenty hours a week. I get to be around delicious food and fun people. More than anything, I’m glad to have something to get me out of the house and see other people. It’s nice.

In other news, James and I went away to Nashville this past weekend. We got a great deal on a room at a resort and splurged on everything else. I had the best meal of my life at a restaurant called The Mad Platter. The restaurant was unbelievably romantic and unpretentious. As a starter I got their chilled strawberry cream soup. It was desserty but actually a really nice, clean way to start a meal. For my entree I got this unbelievable pork tenderloin with a rosemary sauce served with herbed polenta, asparagus, and lemon-almond butter. It was so good.

More than anything, the weekend was romantic and much needed. We’ve had a rough few months, life has thrown it’s curveballs. While James and I have been fine we’ve had so many things distracting us from looking at one another. As life rushes by and we try to make it work we stop noticing each other. There is no love lost but perhaps love is not enjoyed as much as it could be. A romantic weekend, meal, or moment is simply a time when we look directly at one another and nothing else. We remember how in love we’ve been this whole time but maybe had forgotten about it. We remember how great it feels to love and be loved. While a fancy meal or hotel does help the romance it is not necessary. Rekindling romance is all about seeing another person and letting them see you. So, here’s to seeing and being seen by the one you love. If you are fortunate enough to be in love, remind yourself how wonderful it is and do what you need to do to truly see the one you love and let them see you.


One Response to “I got a job and other thoughts.”

  1. d$ said

    You and James are one of my favorite couples, not only because you’re such great folk–that you are–but because you are truly a great example of God’s plan in motion. You hear the term “oh, they were made for each other” all the time, about this couple and that couple, but every once in a while, in a blue moon, the cliche becomes a cliche that is true. And in your case, it is. You two love each other very much. Is it weird that I feel blessed knowing that? I’ll stop now before I become that overspiritualizing everything guy.

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