June 20, 2007

remy-dad-sewer.jpgLast Saturday, James and I went out with some good friends to see a sneak peak of Ratatouille. I loved it. It was absolutely delightful. It was funny, and perilous, and even touching. I highly recommend it.

I should say that there are two important reasons that I liked this movie so much. First, I love cartoons. I love them so very much. I especially enjoy the Pixar type movies. While I enjoy the old Disney movies, none offers the kind of humor that these new movies do. But, here is why I love cartoons. They don’t take life to seriously. They don’t anger me. They don’t overtly try to make you think about things. They aren’t overtly political. Also, there is no sex. Not that I don’t like sex but not in my movies. Cartoons are fun and cute and sweet. I don’t understand you if you are too cool for cartoons. I’m sorry, I try to be understanding but really, you can’t enjoy a cartoon? You’ve grown up far too much.

The second reason I loved this movie is that I love cooking. I think I love it even more than cartoons. When James and I first got married I could not cook. I really couldn’t cook.  I would try and it would just be bad. Often, this would mean tears. This is back when I thought that being a wife meant cooking and cleaning and doing laundry. If this is true than I am no wife and never will be. I think cleaning and doing laundry are some sort of side effect of the fall. Laundry at least is. Nakedness would mean little to no laundry. I digress. While I wasn’t good at cooking, I always loved it which is why it was always so sad when it wouldn’t work out.

I like the whole idea of cooking. It’s a creative endeavor and I love all things creative. I like that it’s a skill that can be grown. The more I practice the more comfortable I am in the kitchen and the better my dishes taste. I like that good cooking does not always mean complicated. Often, the tastiest dishes are simple. I like that it’s a labor of love. I like that it’s something that I can give others. I like that meals cultivate friendship and conversation and that good cooking can be a part of that.

When there is an event where the guests can bring food I just go crazy. I pore over cookbooks and pick out the best ingredients. I set apart extra time and usually like to try something new and challenging. James always encourages me to try something I know how to make because if it goes wrong I get all upset. I know he’s right but I love the challenge.

So, now you know something new about me. I love cartoons and cooking. You better believe that I’ve already been flipping through recipes for Ratatouille.


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