I’ve started this blog a couple of times now. It kept coming out too dry and just a bunch of information. Here’s the short of it. I got a job. So far, I love it. I’m working at Edgar’s Bakery about twenty hours a week. I get to be around delicious food and fun people. More than anything, I’m glad to have something to get me out of the house and see other people. It’s nice.

In other news, James and I went away to Nashville this past weekend. We got a great deal on a room at a resort and splurged on everything else. I had the best meal of my life at a restaurant called The Mad Platter. The restaurant was unbelievably romantic and unpretentious. As a starter I got their chilled strawberry cream soup. It was desserty but actually a really nice, clean way to start a meal. For my entree I got this unbelievable pork tenderloin with a rosemary sauce served with herbed polenta, asparagus, and lemon-almond butter. It was so good.

More than anything, the weekend was romantic and much needed. We’ve had a rough few months, life has thrown it’s curveballs. While James and I have been fine we’ve had so many things distracting us from looking at one another. As life rushes by and we try to make it work we stop noticing each other. There is no love lost but perhaps love is not enjoyed as much as it could be. A romantic weekend, meal, or moment is simply a time when we look directly at one another and nothing else. We remember how in love we’ve been this whole time but maybe had forgotten about it. We remember how great it feels to love and be loved. While a fancy meal or hotel does help the romance it is not necessary. Rekindling romance is all about seeing another person and letting them see you. So, here’s to seeing and being seen by the one you love. If you are fortunate enough to be in love, remind yourself how wonderful it is and do what you need to do to truly see the one you love and let them see you.



June 20, 2007

remy-dad-sewer.jpgLast Saturday, James and I went out with some good friends to see a sneak peak of Ratatouille. I loved it. It was absolutely delightful. It was funny, and perilous, and even touching. I highly recommend it.

I should say that there are two important reasons that I liked this movie so much. First, I love cartoons. I love them so very much. I especially enjoy the Pixar type movies. While I enjoy the old Disney movies, none offers the kind of humor that these new movies do. But, here is why I love cartoons. They don’t take life to seriously. They don’t anger me. They don’t overtly try to make you think about things. They aren’t overtly political. Also, there is no sex. Not that I don’t like sex but not in my movies. Cartoons are fun and cute and sweet. I don’t understand you if you are too cool for cartoons. I’m sorry, I try to be understanding but really, you can’t enjoy a cartoon? You’ve grown up far too much.

The second reason I loved this movie is that I love cooking. I think I love it even more than cartoons. When James and I first got married I could not cook. I really couldn’t cook.  I would try and it would just be bad. Often, this would mean tears. This is back when I thought that being a wife meant cooking and cleaning and doing laundry. If this is true than I am no wife and never will be. I think cleaning and doing laundry are some sort of side effect of the fall. Laundry at least is. Nakedness would mean little to no laundry. I digress. While I wasn’t good at cooking, I always loved it which is why it was always so sad when it wouldn’t work out.

I like the whole idea of cooking. It’s a creative endeavor and I love all things creative. I like that it’s a skill that can be grown. The more I practice the more comfortable I am in the kitchen and the better my dishes taste. I like that good cooking does not always mean complicated. Often, the tastiest dishes are simple. I like that it’s a labor of love. I like that it’s something that I can give others. I like that meals cultivate friendship and conversation and that good cooking can be a part of that.

When there is an event where the guests can bring food I just go crazy. I pore over cookbooks and pick out the best ingredients. I set apart extra time and usually like to try something new and challenging. James always encourages me to try something I know how to make because if it goes wrong I get all upset. I know he’s right but I love the challenge.

So, now you know something new about me. I love cartoons and cooking. You better believe that I’ve already been flipping through recipes for Ratatouille.

Trying to get a J-O-B!

June 13, 2007

That’s it. I officially feel like a loser. I had four interviews in the past week and a half and have had no offers. Poop. I guess I’m just not what people are looking for. I hate that. In the mean time I’m just sitting around not making any money. I’m bored and lonely and I hate it.

I have been painting quite a bit. Soon, I plan on posting some of my paintings on here. I hope y’all like them.

On another note, James and I have made a decision. Well, we think we have. We have two years to finalize it but I think we’re going to move to Denver when I graduate. The plan is for both of us to go to Denver Seminary. If you know us then you know this could change but this is what we’re going with for now. It feels so weird, having a plan and all. I’m used to everything being in limbo.

This decision is really why I need a job. Really, all of our bills are paid with James’ salary so it’s not the end of the world if I don’t work right now. However, anything that I do make in the next two years will go into savings for us to go to school together. The more we could make now the better.

This feels like a boring blog. It is. It just shows how blah I am these days. I hate it when people say blah but I couldn’t think of another word to describe it. It’s like I’m operating at a lower volume or something. I’m like a black and white silent movie.

Yesterday I took the MMPI. The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory. It was like 575 questions to determine if I’m crazy or not. They were all true or false so I guess they weren’t really questions. Just statements. Here’s some examples, “My father is a good man,” “I have nightmares every few nights,” “I have had one or more fainting spells in my life,” “I think most everyone would lie to get ahead,” “I hear voices that other people and animals don’t seem to hear.” “I would like to be a florist.” It took two hours to take and it kind of stressed me out. I’m excited to find out from Dr. English what it means. I hope I’m not nuts.

Well, I supposed that’s all for now. Please pray I find a job and my mood picks up a bit. I hope to post the paintings in the next week. Get ready though, it’s not landscapes or beautiful pictures this time. I usually am inspired by a broad range of things. A couple of months ago it was trees, now it’s monsters, fish, and lizards in bright colors.