Don’t settle down yet!

December 19, 2006

Hooray! I survived the semester! I finished finals last Friday and was ready to take a sigh of relief. Well, not really ready. I know, I know, I’m a complete nerd. James caught me getting ahead on my reading only an hour after my last class of the semester. I’m sorry but I really like school and a couple of my classes were out of this world and I was just not ready to let them go. Despite this, I was glad to finally have no more due dates. This is nice.

Then I realize that I do have more due dates. Specifically, Christmas. This girl thought she was pretty smart trying to make all her Christmas gifts this year. This is usually smart. It does save money. But it’s not smart when you consider that due to the busyness of the semester most of the projects weren’t started until classes were over. Even now, I should be cross stitching my little hands off but instead I’m blogging. Don’t worry, as soon as I finish this I’ll stitch, I promise.

I suppose I won’t write again until after Christmas so I’ll just offer some thoughts on the holiday. Not about the true meaning and all that. You know the true meaning and you should celebrate it that day and everyday. (Don’t worry, I don’t like I should either.) I want to say something about family. We all have one. Most of them are a crazy mess and once we’re out of the house it’s bittersweet to go back home. Sometimes more bitter than sweet. I just want to encourage you along with myself to love your family and whoever else you celebrate with on Christmas with your whole heart. Our families are usually the hardest to forgive but I encourage you to try it this year. I know I need too. Families always seem to think of new things to do that they need to be forgiven for. I think I forget that I do it too. I’m praying for grace from my family as well. So, this holiday I pray that we would love one another selflessly, which is hard to do when surrounded with gifts. I pray that we would look for ways to serve our families. For many, the holidays are a time to think of being a witness to their unbelieving families. I would encourage all of us to do this even if our families are believers. I usually associate the concept of sharing Jesus with unbelievers but why not the believers in our lives? We could all benefit from seeing Jesus in others. Well, now I’m ranting. Stream of consciousness writing usually turns into verbal diahhrea for me so I’ll stop. For now I wish you a Merry Christmas. I pray it’s filled with love, whether it’s because of your family or in spite of your family.


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