Meet Kitty Meow

December 1, 2006

laundry-kitty-005.jpgThis is our cat Kitty Meow. (Click on the pictures to get a better view.) Here, she’s enjoying the fruits of our laziness on a nice big pile of laundry. We love our cat. She makes us laugh and smile and she is an excellent pouncer. Oh, and she likes to rub her head on our feet when we wake up or get home or feed her. We call it “rubbies”. Other than that, she is a terrible cat. She rarely sits in our laps and only on specific conditions. She hates to be picked up which makes James want to pick her up as much as possible which I think makes her hate it even more. You can pet her but only for a specific amount of time which is always changing and only known to her. When she’s through with you petting her she will bite your hand. She also has this one spot that she loves to pee on when we upset her, particularly if we go out of town. People get cats so they can sit in armchairs and read laundry-kitty-016.jpgwith a warm body in their laps that purrs and likes to be pet. Oh, they also get cats so that they can go out of town with no worries. Kitty Meow is not that cat. The thing is, we love her anyway. We have unconditional love for Kitty Meow. I was tempted to make a spiritual analogy between us and the cat but I’ll let you do that or I’ll save it for another day. For now, meet Kitty. She also goes by Peanut and Kitty Meowingtons the Third. Her real name is Godzilla but that just never stuck.


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