Because there has to be a first one…

November 7, 2006

So, here it is. I really have begun. I’m writing a blog. But, let’s not call it a blog, that’s a gross word. It’s not as gross as what this really is, a place for my verbal diarrhea. Let’s not call it that. I prefer to say that this is just where I write what I’m thinking about. I write stuff and maybe you read it. Maybe you don’t. I haven’t really decided if I really want anyone to read it but whatever, you are so that’s all there is too it. OK, I’m going to stop writing now. You see, I’ve had this blog for about a week now but haven’t written anything yet because I was all pressuring myself to write some awesome first entry thing. My solution is to write an utterly pointless one, like this, so that we can only get better from here. We’ll see if my theory works. So, thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy whatever it is that I end up having to say here. I hope I enjoy it too.

(Ya know what’s really funny, when I run spell-check it says that blog isn’t a word. It probably says that because it thinks it’s a gross word too.)


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